Debra delivers her second baby without drugs
and manages her labor with awe-inspiring strength 00:15:00


Tara pays close attention to her body’s response to
each stage of labor as she and husband Gary
experience a beautiful, tranquil birth. 00:15:00


After an apprehensive beginning, Jill finds unexpected strength and powers through an intense labor to a calm birth. 00:14:00


It is Amanda's second baby and she wonders if this
birth will happen as quickly as her first or
will she get to spend some time in the tub; something
she missed out on the with her first baby. 00:10:00


Juliette gives birth after a long labor with help from
her husband Ryan. Witness their beautiful
delivery and his unexpected connection to the birth
process and his transformation into a father. 00:16:00


Ana's plans go awry after her induction doesn't progress and she learns that sometimes "you have to go with the flow." 00:14:00